I am a high school student who has been baking her whole life. As someone with countless allergies – everything from gluten and nuts to pitted fruits and legumes to name a few – it has always been a struggle finding recipes that accommodate my needs. In addition to my food allergies, my family has some too. Because of this challenge, I have become comfortable substituting different ingredients and using a recipe as a very loose suggestion at a young age. A lot of my dishes resulted in absolute disasters (think: brownies harder than a rock) to delicious masterpieces (if I do say so myself). I absolutely love baking, and believe that food allergies shouldn’t inhibit one’s ability to share this love.

I first created this blog as a way for people with food allergies to have a variety of healthier desserts with easy substitutions available to them. So many healthy recipes call for almond flour, chickpeas, or nuts, which is great for those who can eat those ingredients, but very frustrating of those of us who cannot. Trying to eat healthier is hard enough as it is, but with the added challenge of the lack of desserts available, it can seem almost impossible at times.

If you have any allergies you would like to have me include substitutions for, contact me and I will either give you a few suggestions that work for almost any recipe, or if the substitutions vary recipe to recipe, I will do my best to include them under the section “Variations” in every recipe. Or, if you have any substitutions that are tried and true, please share them with me so that I can share them with everybody.